Hello World!

Welcome to Every Woman and Child website.  A few years ago I wrote my book “Every Woman and Child” so that everyone could read about God’s great love. While studying the bible, I discovered just how much Jesus loved women and children and that He gave them a voice. For years I had done bible studies about the women in the New Testament, and was searching for a book which told us about how much Jesus loved all those women and children, because we don’t hear about them enough from the pulpit. Then I realized God wanted me to write it.

After I wrote my book, God impressed it on my heart to make it available to anyone who wants it. If you would like a free pdf of my book, please click on the link at the right.

Some people prefer to have an actual book in their hands so that they can underline or write notes. For those who want a paperback, you may still order from amazon or create space (links on the side bar). If you like my book, please leave a comment or a review on amazon. From time to time I will add some free articles, mostly about women in the bible. Thank you so much for stopping by!